Smart Driving Habits Every New Driver Should Learn

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Four Good Driving Habits Every New Driver Should Learn

Good driving skills aren’t just tactical but safe too. As a new driver, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. From not checking your blind spots to texting while behind the wheel, bad driving habits can put you and others in harm’s way.

In order to be safe, it’s essential to develop smart driving habits from the start. Here are four good driving habits every new driver should learn, from the auto repair experts at Jamy Motors in San Gabriel, California.

Put Your Phone Away

In today’s constantly connected world, it can be tough not to look at your phone every five seconds. But when you’re driving, you should never text or scroll through your social feeds. Texting while driving will take your attention off the road, boosting your chance of a collision. When you’re driving, stash your phone in your bag or glove compartment to avoid the temptation to text.

Obey the Speed Limit

Sure, it might seem thrilling to speed down the open road at top speeds. However, driving over the speed limit is both unsafe and illegal. Posted speed limits are not recommended speeds, but the maximum speed limit. Always adjust your speed according to traffic, weather, and road conditions. Slow and steady is always safer than fast.

Proactively Communicate

Your horn isn’t just something you beep when you’re irritated. It’s an effective device for communicating with other drivers and pedestrians. For instance, you can quickly tap your horn to alert an aloof person with their earbuds on from stepping out into the street in front of oncoming traffic.

Get Your Vehicle Properly Repaired

A good driving habit that doesn’t happen behind the wheel is properly maintaining your car. Getting your car routinely serviced and repaired will ensure all of its safety systems are working properly. Always take your car to an experienced team of auto repair experts.

If you need your car repaired, stop by Jamy Motors in San Gabriel, California, today or call us at 626-309-5336 to schedule your automotive repair appointment.

By on June 9th, 2021 in Auto Repair